Be responsible, be independent

By Jahnvi Kadia

Being responsible for myself comes from my own experiences. These experiences makes me more responsible and an independent person.

For the first time when I started driving 2-wheeler I was not able to drive it in the traffic, at the night, in the slopes or in the rainy season. So I always used to drive on the ring roads early in the morning ignoring all those that I was not able to do. Once I had club activity at my university and I was late for my house, so on that day I traveled late at night and in the traffic at the same time. It took me only hours to learn to drive in traffic and at night. After that day it no longer mattered what conditions I am driving in, I was just able to do it with ease! And yes this experience made me responsible for myself to drive.

Similarly while driving 4-wheeler too, I was not knowing how to park between any 2 vehicles and how to drive in traffic. So I have to be dependable on someone else when I have to go in traffic. But when one day I was late for my work I had to face traffic myself and park between the cars I learned both of it within no time. From that day I was able to be dependable on myself for driving anywhere.

When I first did my online transaction I took almost 1 hour to do it. At that time my dad advised me to just make a transaction of small amount of money and then go for the actual amount. At the starting I was not able to do it what so ever I did, maybe I was just afraid to make a blunder so I was not be take a step forward! It took me an hour to learn it and in present time I am able to do it without anyone’s help, obviously guidance is required!

There are always many first time experiences that makes us responsible for what we are today. If ever we have not taken that very step we would have just skipped that responsibility.

What I believe is in trying to do something, making blunder makes us learn new things these adds to bag of our experiences which in turn makes us responsible and finally an independent person. And when we became responsible everyone around us values our decisions and makes us even more proud on ourselves.


By Jahnvi Kadia

At times rejections hurts me to the the depth that it takes a long time to get up and focus on it again. It makes me think I am not capable of doing it and think of just changing the path. But then I ask to myself, “will my rejections will be converted to acceptance if I change my path !?” And the answer is obviously NO! Whatever path I will choose will be having rejections for me. So what to do !? Maybe getting up is hard, but not even trying to convert it to my acceptances is more harder for me to accept.

I had given many exams and interviews for my admission for masters. I was rejected by all most all the top universities, I was nervous and also thought that I am not worthy of masters and should give up. But again I just thought of given it try for the rest of the top university after all I have tried for most of them. Then after all those rejections I stopped expecting that I will get into any of them and stopped pushing so hard on myself and also stopped forcing myself. Then I finally got accepted where I dreamt of and I was so overjoyed and during that time all my efforts and rejections seemed worth it.

At times I console myself by saying that others don’t understand my work so they are not able to accept it and I get rejected. Maybe my work is so hard to understand that they reject it. It’s not that my doings is wrong, instead I am not able to find someone who understands my work. I console myself by saying that if I haven’t deserved it, it won’t come to me at the first place. I deserve this rejections just because there is someone out there who will see my hardwork and will accept it and will appreciate it. And the reality is after all those rejections I finally felt it ease and worthy of all those rejections.

What I think is the most difficult part of following the dreams are rejections, once I start accepting all those rejections and just go on and on ultimately I reach near to my goals.

Me to Myself

By Jahnvi Kadia

Me to myself

Just for once trust the vibe

And the process offered

Also everything won’t repeat into itself

So break the castle walls and let me in

See beneath you, trust love

Believe in their words and have a talk

For once respect, respond,

Take responsibility for doings

Handle it with care, adore it

And value their feelings

Because not everyone is same

Though it maybe, but need to step in

As being frightened will create

Distance and misunderstandings

At the end its just YOU

So just respond on time

And move on

Noone will tell you when to start

Breath and listen to self

Everything will be clear and

No person stays forever, but

Memory and feelings lasts forever

If hard to choose, go with the flow

And wait for the sunset

Worth your relationship!

By Jahnvi Kadia

You never know when you meeting someone for the last time or ever in your life You will be able to meet that person for the second time or not so value that time and also that person.

At times we always think that for now focus on work and goals, relationships will be taken care of anyway! But that’s not true, because the fact is life is too time bounded and in no time that person will be way away from you. When you don’t take out time for them, they will sooner or later will be distant from you. In the future when you are finally stable in your life, you will realize you don’t have anyone with whom you can share your journey of struggles!

You never realized who is secretly praying for you and you are so blessed by that person, but you never give enough worth to it and in no time that person will be gone forever. Realizing late and start giving time is still acceptable, but Realizing it and not giving time is worse.

You never know who is secretly respecting your decisions, trusting your process and understanding you completely, so respect everyone you encounter.

Sometimes just your video call or your smile can make one’s day beautiful, so just behave good with everyone so even you can be blessed by their happiness.

The next moment you just realize the one with whom you share all your feelings is just gone too far that you can never get him back is the worst feeling. Focusing on goals is indeed the best decision, but giving time to all the relations is also necessary, rather the most priceless thing you can do. Just by spending little time, you can achieve a lot like peace, love, care, trust and joy!

At times it is possible they are not around you, they can’t give you a hug or realxing shoulder but just by talking with them you will feel at ease. At times by not speaking and letting you do what you desire to do is also a support by your family.

Respect the beautiful relationships you are blessed with, or else they will be distant from you forever and you will be left all alone.

How to be happy!?

By Jahnvi Kadia

Happiness comes the moment I start loving myself. It is not something that I should be expecting from someone around me, rather it is something I need to give it to myself.

  • Doing something good or bad appreciating myself,
  • When I focus on my workloads of my studies,
  • When I do workouts,
  • When I take a break and watch Korean dramas,
  • Following daily routines,
  • Being punctual,
  • Eating different dishes,
  • Being loved,
  • Loving without expectations,
  • Spending time with family,
  • Accepting my faults and improving over it,
  • Loving the way I am,
  • Being real to at least myself,
  • Listen to myself,
  • Do what I love to do,
  • Struggle hard until I get it,
  • Never give up on what I want to achieve,
  • When I read novels.

Doing all these makes me happy and satisfied. It is indeed very simple to find ones happiness and that is look beneath yourself, you will find it.

Attract positvity and you will be happy, distract yourself when you have negative thoughts in your mind. Being positive in whatever situation you encounter will always lead you to something great!

It’s very difficult to find happiness that’s what I have heard, and yes it is if you try finding it out from others, but indeed it’s the easiest if you can make yourself happy.


By Jahnvi Kadia

Some days are sunny, while

Some days are misty.

Some days seems like lifetime, while

Some days seems like seconds.

Some days are stressful, while

Some days are restful.

Some days are lonely, while

Some days are lovely.

Some days I wait, while

Some days I regret.

Some days I miss your memories.

Some days I miss you, while

Some days are full of expecting, while

Some days are full of accepting.

Some days I am jealous, while

Some days I am full of memories.

Some days are dream full, while

Some days are reality-based.

Some days I wanna travel, while

Some days I wanna sit under sunset.

Some days I wanna talk, while

Some days I wanna understood as being silent.

Some days I believe myself, while

Some days I am afraid.

Some days I love you, while

Some days I miss you.

Some days I am blessed to have you, while

Some days I am afraid to lose you.

Some days I wanna talk to you, while

Some days I wanna ignore you.

Try until you get success!

By Jahnvi Kadia

Trying and then failing will at least let you know the mistakes and improve over it, but not trying and failing will not lead you anywhere.

Everytime I start exploring something new I feel like I am developing myself. I increase my level by accepting the difficulties and competing for it.

When I try something out of the box for the first time, I sense that I won’t be able to do it, but as I gain knowledge about it and go deeply into it I finally start understanding something and within no time it just happens within no time (although it takes a lot of time!).

The sense of achievement of trying something different everytime and succeeding in it somehow makes me more skilled that before.

At times I do fail, but that failure too makes me learn many things which not trying will never let me learn. But what I learned is when I give my best for anything I will definitely able to gain it no matter how much time it takes, but it will be in your hands for sure.

What motivated me to try again and again is failure. Yes! Everytime I failed it gave me more insights that helped me to try again and improve myself.

Recently, I had homework of completing an assignment which consisted of one project. It was way too hard for me to complete it, what I did was I never tried even reading the question and attempting at least some part of it. But when I finally read it and attempted some part of it I never submitted it and got no marks in it. Despite of knowing something I never trusted my work.

Second time when I got another assignment, I hardly cared about completing it and gaining marks, what I cared was that I need to try my best! I completed it successfully though it was more harder than the previous one.

So that made me realized, if I try hard for anything definitely that work will be understood and appreciated by others and I will definitely learn something from it.


By Jahnvi kadia

Life is a choice

whether to be happy or sad,

whether to be satisfied or disappointed,

whether to love or hate,

whether to watch movie or series,

whether to watch Korean dramas or Anime,

whether to let go or hold it,

whether to be angry or understanding,

whether to accept or expect,

whether to lie or say truth,

whether to do a job or further studies,

whether to wake up early or sleep late night,

whether to be introvert or extrovert,

whether to be homesick or socialize,

whether to be A grade or F grade,

whether to make others smile or sad,

whether to be self motivated or do motivated,

whether to stop (and be frightened) or to face the pebbles on the road,

whether to have a love marriage or arranged marriage,

whether to drive car or have a driver,

whether to do photoshoot or be a photographer,

whether to go to doctor or be a doctor,

whether to be yourself or change after breakup,

whether to settle or hustle,

whether to be zero always or start with numerous zeros,

whether fight for your dreams or burn it,

whether to gain knowledge or marks,

whether to focus in yourself or on others achievements,

whether to be jealous or appreciate,

whether to run from it or face it,

weather to fight with your love or fight for your love,

whether to have street food or 5 star food,

weather to prefer veg or non veg.

Between all this choices what I call is LIFE.

Talk with inner you

By Jahnvi Kadia

At times situation gets tough and I don’t understand what to do. So what I did was listen to my inner self. Inner soul knows the voice that I actually want, but not able to speak to myself. That Inner me gives me strength to take the decisions which is not possible even when discussing with friends or family because no one knows me better than myself.

Whenever I am in a delima for any situation where heart and minds supports different perspectives at that time talking to self and listening to inner me helps me a lot and belive me that’s what I actual want but don’t know how to frame it in words.

This world is so diverse and if lost myself mere by not able to understand myself then it really disappoints me, because once I fail to understand myself I fail to understand all that is going on in life. When I start spending more and more time with self I am loving self and there is nothing that makes me unhappy for longer span.

At the end what motivate and demotovate me is my own actions and reactions in situations.

Happy Diwali 🪔

By Jahnvi Kadia

Nothing much to say just Happy Diwali!! Festival of colors, lights, fire crackers, family get together and lots of fun and happiness!!

What I like most about this festival is the decorations through lights, colors and diyas. Using different colors to make rangoli and decorate it uniquely with flowers or sprouts or candles or diyas.

Decorating complete house with colorful diyas and what makes it beautiful is the light of the diyas that makes complete house so gorgeously awesome!! Diyas are the proof of self enlightenment and that’s what I love about it. That light is so beautifully structured which gives very elegant look wherever it is placed say in dark places or bright one’s. In the dark places it shows how much capable it is to show us way to all the places in the world.

Family get together makes me realize the worth of my family which makes me forget all the daily routines and stress, it helps me to enjoy these days to the fullest.

The rangoli is designed with different colors. Using these colors makes me feel like I am using all my feelings and the colors comes in my mind itself. And the end result of all the efforts finally pays off when the result comes!!

All these efforts done make me feel so jolly !! Enjoying festivals like these with families and finding yourself in between all these it’s really fun. Festivals should come within month to fresh up mind, to bring new ideas and to spend time with family.