By Jahnvi Kadia

It’s really difficult to find a true friend in the world of where people are just connections to us. When I look besides me I always feel these all are connections, one’s the work is done there won’t be anything between us. The moment I think they can be my friends, the connections pops up in my mind saying “if you ruin your connections you will be left out and Noone will help you when you are in need”.

People relie on connections. In universities we make connections with senior so we can get referral to good companies in future, to our TAs so that we can get good grades, to our classmates so during the group work they can take care of the work load and deadlines. My point is where is that true friendship? Where you can talk to them without worrying about them judging you related to your grades, status or salary!! We keep silent thinking the other person will judge us or if not then the worse is they will stop favouring us. We ad humans depend on connections more rather than true friend.

It’s us who wants a true relation, but also believes more in connection relationships because they are easy to maintain as their is only expectations no real feelings or boundings. Favouring a connection is easier than maintaining a long term of friendship around 10 years.

It’s difficult to find a friend whom you can relie on that he won’t judge you and you can share all your things without being afraid that he will share your secrets with others. Here people spend maximum of their free time in reels or youtube videos because they feel at peace seeing the fake world rather than facing the real world were they can’t find the real ones. The truth is we try to find the true ones in the fake world!

If you have found one or you already have it you are comparatively luckier person!!


One’s Identification

By Jahnvi Kadia

Sometimes it’s hard to find the difference between who is good and who is bad. At first sight the person who seems fair enough tunrs out to be worse person and the one who seems arrogant at first turns out to be a good person. So how to identify how that person is? The simplest answer can be by spending time with that person.

Let me tell you my own experience. There is a person with whom I had never talked before but only hears about the reviews, by the reviews he seemed to be strict and not so easy going person. But then I thought of talking to him, I started talking to him and then I met him in person. The time I talked with him I realized that people make reviews about a person based on his or her experiences and mindset. If he did something in their favor he is good or else he is bad. My reviews about him were positive and it actually turned out to be positive because he helped me a lot even though I was not able to do the same thing. He helped me as a friend and without any expectations.

Another experience is with someone who seemed to be friendly with me but only because he wanted my help. He talked with me in very frank way, spent time and favoured me in every possible way. But as soon as his work was done he was seen no where near me and even if he did he ignored me.

There is one another person whom I talked wantedly. There was no gain or loss either side. We just talked randomly maybe just to pass the time or you can say due to boredom. But here none of us were good or bad to each other, it’s just that time did whatever happend!

At times it’s really difficult to understand someone’s intentions. So what to do!? Just talk and spend time but don’t trust them, their actions will speak everything and you will come to know their real motives.

Everything seems right at right time

By Jahnvi Kadia

Loaded with deadlines
One after the another
Perhaps no time to breathe
Everything’s scattered
And scrambled
But in the middle of hardships
There’s a tiny light of hope.

Having a competition with time
Difficult to trust anyone
Find someone who can share the load
Who can carry the burden
Hug you and say everything will be alright
There’s a tiny light of hope.

Difficult to search real ones
But finally found bunch of good people
Who shares burden
And works with me
While heartedly helps and smiles
Who accepts the situation
And contributes accordingly
There’s a tiny light of hope.

A decent person
With whom I wanted to talk since ages
Finally got a chance
That is the best time of my day
Just a simple talk makes me smile
Thought to back off
But now I am happy I haven’t
Easy to talk to anyone
Excluding whom u liked wholeheartedly
Since months
Takes time, but I can wait
There’s a tiny light of hope.

There’s lights!!
If u see it
U will get it
Just need to work hard
Give time and accept the situation
Results are worth waiting
Workloads handled
Found bunch of good people
And also the one!

Words are powerful

By Jahnvi kadia

What you speak about yourself as a very high impact on your own thoughts. If you speak positive about yourself, you will attract positive vibes or else other way round.

Sometimes it’s like what you speak is what you get. For example, if I keep on saying myself that I want to score good grades then at longer-term I will score good. But if I speak to myself that whatever I will get I will accept it will show that I am not enough confident about myself and that will lead negatively.

It’s very important on how you look towards yourself. Words have a very great impact in your life. Speaking good about yourself will definitely bring good because that build confidence in oneself of doing things.

Prior handling relationships if you negatively speak about it that you will fail in long-term no matter what, then even though you will give you best you will end up breaking up at some point because of lack of confidence in yourself.

Always speak positive about yourself because that helps to boost your self-confidence.

Express Yourself

By Jahnvi Kadia

How do you define success and failure!?

For me success can be defined as a path filled with hurdles, problems, struggles, late night work, skipping meals and skipping family functions and hangout with friends. What audience notices is only the goal that is achieved, but is suffered internally is also to me myself. When the situation gets worse and hard to deal with, I feel like not giving a shot and ignoring the conversation. I stop myself from discussing the problems and think that others will think how stupid and irresponsible I am!! But that’s not true people don’t care and they don’t even remember what you even did a minute ago! Discussing problems and speaking what difficulties you are facing will only guide you a step closer to your goal. Speak whether it’s right or wrong doesn’t matter, it will atleast lead you somewhere. You will experience number of failures, backspeaking fron number of people, but after number of failures in public will make you soo confident that you stop caring about failures and that’s where you reach closer to your goals.

Failure can defined when a person don’t discuss his problems and sufferings with others and keep everything to himself and internally keep on struggling till the time when he becomes depressed and stressed. Not speaking with others just because of what audience will think of you is the very stage from where you are closer to failure! It is when one starts hating himself just because of mistakes he does. One keeps on thinking this is the greatest mistake and can’t be solved! Not at all every problem as it’s own solutions if it’s discussed with the right person. Struggling internally will definitely get you a solution but with lots of headaches, depression and stress. The work that interested you at the start, you will start hating it because you can’t find the solution. You will reach the solution but the difference is you will never experience any failures on public and hence you won’t realize what mistakes you did, so you will reach your goal without any failures.

Path to success is indeed difficult but enjoyable too, it is full of silly mistakes you make and then after months you laugh on it, sad when you don’t find solution but also determined to find it.

Where there is a will there is a way

By Jahnvi Kadia

Sometimes it’s too difficult to handle the current situations. There comes time when I feel like telling to myself “it’s enough”, “how much more I have to stuggle”! But you know the most strange thing is that, the moment you think of given up can be the step just before you achive your goal.

I was struggling to get everything be placed at the right time and the right moment since last 1 year. There were times when it was too difficult to handle it. I used to think I am the only one who is struggling and so I never used to share it with anyone because I was afraid of getting judged by others. One day I met a friend “real friend” who helped me a lot and supported me to great extent. He told me a very simple thing “Don’t judge yourself because of the grades, stop worrying about others and how others will look at you, let them thing there own way and the only thing you can do know is work hard!” From that very day I forgot about all the other distractions and focused on myself and from time to time I started discussing everything with him and in exchange he explained me without judging me.

There were lots and lots of failures on the way, but one day there was a little light. I caught that light and started moving in that direction and belive me from that day onwards I never looked back, instead I kept on following where ever I saw light. The audience can only see what we achieved and not what we went through, me myself is the only consistent partner that I have and I have to belive in myself though it’s too difficult at time you want to give up, you want to cry, you start questioning yourself, but just don’t lose hope. Hope and trusting yourself is the biggest key to success.

Whatever is the thing you all are dealing with, believe it you are just a step away from your goals. Don’t quit, though it’s easy but it will never satisfy you and that will be the biggest regret! In your success journey find someone who motivates you in very way(like I did), find that person who believes in you, who is actually “just a call away” from you.

Nothing is achieved with pain, regrets, failures and sufferings and sadness. Belive me once you achive it, someday you will sit under the sky and laugh at all those stuffs you did but somewhere you will be very proud of who you are right now!! Just hold on!!


By Jahnvi Kadia

The feeling of controlling myself from crying is the worst thing ever. The reason is if I cried, I will lose the hope of winning again. Maybe this feeling is not because I lost, but because of disappointments and also how others will start judging me. Its a feeling of being guilt for nothing, but then too it feels like you are guilty for yourself.

Maybe controlling emotions makes me feel I am not worthy of anything. I start feeling less motivated and confidence is myself. Thats the breaking point (or saturation) of failing right? But no there is lot more left to come in. Often lose can be converted into win by working more harder, but how to gain confidence in myself again!

Just because of lose in one thing in life, I start feeling I don’t deserve any happy things. So, I start devoting all my time only to goal and just ignore my own existence.

Times like this, I feel it would be nice to have atleast someone in my life who doesn’t like me because of my ups and downs, but is there for me during this times. Someone who tells its okay to fall, as there is lot more to come. A relation that never changes with time, and I feel less guilty about myself.

Can language be a obstacle between people ?

By Jahnvi Kadia

I am staying at hostel and that me relaize that people who share same language are able to adjust with each other and are more confortable being in each other’s company. Speaking same language makes me realize that atleast some of them belongs to same place as me and I feel like home with them and obviously most of use share common interests too. I often notice that there are groups of people who speaks same language and often spends time with them.

But what when they speak different language and common language is neither of those two ? Will they be close enough to share things with eah other and be themselves or will feel confortable ? What if nothing is common between them will they still be able to feel enough close or just randomly be open and frank ?

I had lot of these question recently as I myself experienced them. According to my experience language is not at all obstacle for me. I am able to talk openely with someone only when I feel comfortable with them and this doesn’t count that communication should be in native language only. Recenlty, I am feeling more comfortable with someone who doesn’t share similar interest in watching movies(obviously because of language) or eating habits, etc. What I mean is eventhough there is nothing common topic to discuss upon we can talk about hours on any random topic in english(as english is common language between us). I am openly able to express myself and share my daily routine with him, which I am not able to do it with the people who speaks same language.

But still seeing this at times, I feel it can be a barries because there maybe some expressions or feelings which be best expressed in you own native language rather than any other. There maybe some elements which can be a barrier, but I believe this can be removed. For me what matters the most is I am atleast able to be myself around him and talking with him for hours gives me strength to again focus on my work. So yes language is indeed an obstacle, but for me it is not!

It’s Okay to not to be Okay!

By Jahnvi kadia

Not all the days bring happiness and good lucks in our life. Some days maybe harsh, stressfull or full of overloaded tasks. Sometimes we are so prone to only good things in life, that we forget about also accepting the other side too!

At times I am full of energy, during that duration I can do every possible work, it doesn’t matter if it’s easy going or not. But there are also days when I don’t have energy at all, and I just feel like sleeping complete day, watching series, eating snacks or just listen to songs.

At times we force ourselves to that extent where we intitively start believing that all the days needs to the same with the exact same boosting energy! But that’s not at all possible. In that believe, we actually forget to enjoy either way. What happens is we are neither able to handle the loaded work nor enjoy the lazziness!

When the days aren’t in our favor we start being too hard and start forcing ourseleves to do the exact same things in a loop! We need to understand that we are humans, and so we have feelings and our thoughts. At times when something tickles in our brain, we are not able to forget it (or mabe some other reasons) which indeed needs to be solved first and when that is solved we will be back to our routine. But what we generally do is, neglect that feelings, thinking it will be distraction to our routine and so we just ignore it for the time being and resolve it later. But as the time passes by, this things will in real became a high-level distraction for us, which will consume more valuable time.

It’s better to take into consideration that not all the days are energetic, healing needs time and that indeed requires a break! No need to be too hard on ourseleves, there will be time when everything will make sense, but till that time just do all you can do to keep yourself focused and also keep accepting! No need to push yourself to do something that you are not all interested into for the time being, when the right time comes you will do it effortlessly!!

When I was in my first semester of masters, everything seemed too hard and overloaded, what I did was I used to force myself everyday to study more and work hard. What happened was I created a blunder and was not able to do even the simplest thing. I used to work 24 hours and the results were not at all promising because I was forcing myself a lot!! So never ever be too hard on yourself, just do all you can do for the time being and everything will come on it’s way for sure!

Everything is getting back to Normal

By Jahnvi Kadia

Finally, my college is starting in hybrid mode from online mode. It feels like I was a student 2 years back and now I am again a student, between those 2 years it never felt like I am a student. Right now I am staying at hostel, it feels just like yesterday when I was in my house in my room and with my parents, but now I am all alone in completly new place where I have to do everything on my own!!

Today, it’s been a week away from home. Studying from home and now studying from university itself makes a great difference. At home I used to feel like I am the only one struggling with the life, but staying here changed my mind. The fact is everyone is dealing is some or the other things, maybe some are worried about placements, assignments, relationship problems, parents expectations, sports, etc. In online mode I was lonley and dealing with myself with virtual friends, but having a face to face conversation hits different. No doubt I am away from home and I am feeling lonley here too, but the fact is so as others, everyone is searching for that one person with whom it feels like home tho away from home. Staying at hostel made me do stuffs which I would have never done if I was at home, at home my focus was only on myself, but here I am doing multiple things together in a single day. At the end of the day I feel satisfied with myself because I learn and experience something new everyday!! At home it felt like life is a loop with lots and lots of problem, but here it feels like “life” with lots of problems.

Staying here made me more optimistic about myself that I will be able to do this or that atleast! It made me learn more about myself ( and still exploring). I used to hear from people saying that ones in life everyone should go to hostel, I never got this menaing until I experienced it myself. It’s very hard to survive, but learninig how to survive is also exciting!